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-A full frequency design -Advanced alloy (magnesium/aluminum) cone, coated with special damping... more
Product information "HiVi B2S"

-A full frequency design -Advanced alloy (magnesium/aluminum) cone, coated with special damping material, and anodized.
-Optimum recovery CONEX supporting system, having very good stiffness and dynamic stability, improving the sonic features of the speakers.
-High power handling, heat-resistant Kapton voice coil former and heat-resistant CCAW voice coil wire -Finite Element Analysis for shielded magnetic system with long-throw linear excursion design -Hi-Vi Symmetric Motor Drive (SMD) technology makes the voice coil into a symmetrical driving magnetic field, thus acquiring symmetrical driving force, reducing the mutual modulation of voice coil inductance and back electromotive force, improving the controllability of the speakers, achieving low distortion degree.
-Finite Element Analysis for flat & rigid iron frame, prevents the parasitic structural resonances, and improves the linear array of sound source -Using leading technology of Small/Thiele parameters
Suitable for computer multimedia speakers with single or multiple units 



Nominal Impedance (Z)(Ω) : 8
Resonance Frequency (Fs)(Hz) : 152
Nominal Power Handling (Pnom)(W) : 10
Max Power Handling(W) : 20
Sensitivity (2.83v/1m)(dB) : 78
Weight (M)(Kg) : 0.12
VC Diameter (mm) : 25
DC (Re)(Ω) : 6.5
VC Length (H)(mm) : 6
VC Former : CCAW
VC Frame : Kapton
Magnet System : Shielded
Magnet Former : Neodymium
Force Factor (BL)(N/A) : 2.5
Gap Height (He)(mm) : 3.0
Linear Excursion (Xmax)(mm) : 1.5
Suspension Compliance (Cms)(uM/N) : 689
Mechanical Q (Qms) : 5.69
Electrical Q (Qes) : 1.53
Total Q (Qts) : 1.20
Moving Mass (Mms)(g) : 1.6
Effective Piston Area (Sd)(m2) : 0.0013
Equivalent Air Volume (Vas)(L) : 0.2
Cabinet Type : Sealed
Recommended Box Volume(Vb)(L) : 0.2
-3dB Cut-Off Frequency(F3)(Hz) : 149 
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