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Hypex DLCP add-on set
Hypex DLCP add-on set
DLCP add-on set DLCP Input board The DLCP can be used as a digital pre amplifier when the optional “DLCP input board” is bought. This input board can be connected to the DLCP with only 2 flat cables. You can increase the number of analogue inputs to 4 balanced stereo analogue inputs. It has four digital inputs; USB audio, AES (XLR/RJ451), S/PDIF and Optical in. It has two...
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Hypex DLCP
Hypex DLCP
Hypex DLCP The “DLCP” is a complete hardware/firmware platform for digitally filtered (6 channels) and corrected active multiway loudspeakers. Digital response correction allows significant extra degrees of freedom in the acoustic design of a loudspeaker. Driver parameters can be selected for best efficiency and distortion instead of electrical damping, and the cabinet can...
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