Overnight Sensation

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Overnight Sensation   This is a complete kit for Paul Carmody’s “Overnight Sensation”... more
Product information "Overnight Sensation"

Overnight Sensation


This is a complete kit for Paul Carmody’s “Overnight Sensation”


The kit contains:

  • 2x HiVi B4N
  • 2x Dayton ND20FA
  • Crossover parts
  • Mounting Material
  • 2x T82 Terminals
  • Bassreflex port (BR35 Vario)
  • Cable
  • Damping (Sonofil)

(The kit is without wood panels!)


Overnight Sensation Loudspeaker Kit by Paul Carmody

Paul Carmody wished he had a time machine.  He would go back to my bedroom when he was in Jr. High or High School and give these to himself.  These are the little bookshelf speakers he imagined he had: huge soundstage, deep bass, tiny box.  In reality, back then all he had were some impish Minimus-7s.  Sure, they had a "tiny-but-mighty" quality about them, but come on, who was I kidding?  

The "Overnight Sensations" were designed to be just that: a quick, economical build that could put out a surprisingly-big sound in a small box.  Could be a weekender project for an addict, a gift for a teenager (see above), or--in my case--a set of small, full-bodied monitors that I could listen to while I graded papers.  (Ironically, I have found that if the music sounds too good while I am trying to concentrate, I get distracted and get no work done.)


Listening Impressions

In a word: "big."   The bass these little HiVi drivers can put out is tremendous.  They throw out a very large soundstage and can actually fill a medium-sized room very well.  I originally built these to sit on my desk, but since they have very full bass (or as some might say "full BSC"), they sounded best put up on a little stand or risor.  Once I did that, I absolutely fell in love with listening to them in the nearfield.  They image very well not only from left to right, but also in front of, and far behind the speakers.  Although the frequency response looks pretty flat, the midrange is voiced with a very subtle droop; I did this out of concern that the metal-cone driver might get fatiguing or annoying after a while.  The end result is a speaker that sounds good on most styles of music.  Really bad recordings will be evident, but overall it's a pretty forgiving speaker.  ighty" quality about them, but come on, who was I kidding?  

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