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  • 10,50 €

    8" Fullrange System with whizzer cone. Frequence range 80 Hz-12 kHz.

    10,50 €
  • 140,45 €

    MissionT   Concept: Mass Loaded Transmission Line Dimensions:    The goal of many transmissionline designs is to have the typical bass but avoiding the inherent high frequency shortcomings of this type of loudspeaker.

    140,45 €
  • 22,31 €

    K1 is a new generation of high-frequency dome loudspeaker Natural fiber high damping dome membrane, coated with special damping material.Natural and detailed sound performance.Flat frequency, could reach 25 KHz in high frequency range.

    22,31 €
  • 41,28 €

    Verstelbare cirkelgeleider voor bovenfrees. This guide will allow for holes from a tiny 20mm Diameter to a massive 760mm diameter (when using a 6mm bit). The best part is not being limited to preset sizing as you can set it to any size in between.

    41,28 €
  • 103,31 €

    CSS VWR126X   De nieuwe high end midwoofer van CSS. Alle onderdelen zijn ontworpen met een extreem lage vervorming als doel.

    103,31 €
  • 100,00 €

    The UcD400HG is a state-of-the-art full-range amplifier-module based on high-end UcD-technology

    100,00 €
  • 47,52 €

    Tangband W5-2106 Eine neue Entwicklung aus dem Hause blue planet acoustic.

    47,52 €
  • 30,58 €

    Tangband W4-655   Fullrange with paper cone and aluminum phase plug. Use in Tml or BR. Also usefull as bass-mid driver.

    30,58 €
  • 30,58 €

    Tang Band W5-704D 5-1/4" WooferThis high-quality poly cone woofer has several unique features including a twin-roll rubber surround, durable aramid spider, and cast aluminum frame. The lightweight poly cone and phasing dustcap provide a smooth frequency response. Great for compact vented two-way designs.

    30,58 €